Saturday, February 23, 2013

Typical Weekend

On a typical weekend in California I would wake up late, lounge around until I caught up on all my shows which I don’t have time to watch during the week, and when I get bored enough I’d walk over to the Padre and have a beer while I worked on something random. But this weekend is my first weekend in the UK. And while I woke up late it was not because I could, but because my body is still in the US. I am lounging but I can’t catch up on my shows because I’m not allowed to watch them here. Hulu has it’s laws. Amazon Instant has it’s laws and I’m stuck, which is a good thing. Sure I woke up to soft white flakes fluttering about outside my window. And after I finished working on a couple of items I want to curl up in bed with a good show, instead I’m curling up with a book albeit on my iPad. I’m probably violating some sort of law just doing that—hopefully not though. I figure they wouldn’t let me do it if I wasn’t able to do so. Now I just have to find a local place to mark as mine. Someplace where I can come in once a week, have a pint, and write to my heart’s content.